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Embedded software development and testing specialists

For the past 20 years, Bluefruit Software has worked with clients around the world, providing high-quality embedded software solutions to over 100 products. Our software development teams deliver embedded projects for clients within the medical, aerospace, industrial, automotive, and biopharmaceutical sectors.  With a scalable full stack team approach, a belief in transparency, and the application of Lean-Agile practices; we have become a trusted firmware development partner for our diverse client base.

Bluefruit Software began in 2000, based in a small studio in St Agnes, Cornwall. Founded by Paul Massey, Bluefruit has grown from one man and his dog to a team of more than 70 people based in our Cornwall offices. Today we’re based over three floors in the Gateway Centre, Redruth.

Since the beginning, we’ve aimed to stand apart from other embedded software companies, building a culture with our people at its centre. That’s why in 2019 we became an Employee Owned business and our people now own 51% of Bluefruit Software.

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