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Embedded Software Development

Bluefruit are embedded software specialists

From motor control projects to connectivity solutions, we love working in the embedded space. No matter the stage of your project or the lifecycle of your product, our embedded software teams can help. Knowledgeable in a variety of sectors, compliance standards and technologies we work closely with our clients to support the development of their products and devices.

We also ensure we built software ready for change. Whether it’s small updates or working to planned releases of new functionality, we work with clients who want software that will grow in step with their business, meeting the evolving requirements of their customers and end users, and responding to emerging technology or scientific innovation.

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Lean-Agile Software Development

At Bluefruit we work with our clients to deliver software in a Lean-Agile way. That means working in two-week sprint cycles and striving to provide value at the end of every sprint. We also test throughout the process and use sprint planning meetings and user stories to ensure we are focusing on the right priorities within our development work.

At the end of each sprint, we provide a release, a demo, and a test report to show progress and allow all stakeholders to reflect on the progress. When the entire project is complete, we provide a final demo and a comprehensive release report, including a full test report and the source code.

If you have strict compliance requirements, let us know. Our team have experience around everything from documentation to tool validation and we’ve worked hard to ensure our Lean-Agile processes compliment most regulatory compliance requirements.

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