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Bluefruit is Quality

Focusing on quality means creating embedded software that’s ready for the real world.  Our software is often used in safety and security-critical environments, thus it is paramount that quality comes first in everything we do. While compliance is critical, we also work closely with our clients to ensure that the software we write is always focused on the requirements of the end-user, ensuring the product performs as they expect it to do reliably and efficiently.

What is Quality?

At Bluefruit, we believe quality is the successful achievement of both conceptual and perceived integrities. We like to explain this using the metaphor of a plant: the stronger the roots, the healthier the plant. A healthy plant can weather the challenges of the present and the future.

Bluefruit Quality Tree

How do we achieve Quality?

Quality is achieved through a combination of our processes, our people and a dedication to testing. Particularly our focus on Test-Driven Development (TDD) and Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD). Together, TDD and BDD enable a constant feedback process that put user requirements at the centre of the software development process. This combined with a Lean-Agile approach to software development ensures that the software we create exceeds expectations.

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