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Bluefruit is Processes

Our Processes

At Bluefruit our processes help us to achieve project goals and keep the work we do focused on attaining the most valuable outcome. We use Lean-Agile, TDD and BDD across all our embedded software projects and we’ve put a lot into forming our version of these practices.

Lean-Agile is more than Scrum, Kanban boards and stand-ups. For us Lean-Agile means:

  • Delivering valuable, useable and fully tested code every two weeks
  • Regular and constant feedback loops
  • An empowered team, who can suggest improvements and flag risks
  • Constant learning and improvement
  • Where possible, eliminate waste
  • Focus on delivering value as quickly and as often as possible

When we combine this with TDD and BDD, we find that our processes help us to focus on our clients’ core project requirements and ultimately it puts the end user at the heart of our software development. With clear test and user stories to complement our code, we can also ensure that when it is time to hand the code back to the client, they have something they can use for years to come.


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