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Anyone who knows us knows that we take every chance to encourage young people to consider working in our industry, so it was great to be invited to take part in a STEM careers day at Truro College on Wednesday 25th June.
Organised by the Cornwall Learning Education Business Partnership, the event was aimed at promoting the diverse range of careers that students could have in STEM (that’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths for those who like the longhand!).
Speedy STEM
Around 300 students turned up to hear from a range of companies about the wonderful and potentially unexpected ways they could work within the STEM industries. All of the students have their future at the front of their minds because most were in their final years of A-Levels, BTECs or Extended National Diplomas.
The day was styled in the format of ‘speed networking’. Given that time was of the essence, and not wanting to waste the opportunity to talk to them at such a crucial stage, we sent along Team Lead Matthew, who met with groups of 5-6 students at a time to discuss a career in the STEM industries. Spending ten minutes with each group, Matthew discussed what to expect from the job and our requirements for those looking for a career with Bluefruit, talking about what coding involves, as only a few people in the groups had any experience in this field.
Matthew went down a storm, being accessible, friendly and very communicative, which is a large part of what we do. It’s not all tech; communication is key! He spoke with each of the groups about what projects they could do at home and ways to code in their free time, ascertaining their interests and hobbies to give each of them personalised ideas on how they could use these activities to test their coding abilities.
Matthew did a great job and represented Bluefruit to the fullest, giving his contact details to each and every student he spoke with and offering to help them forge a career in this industry.
Closing the gap
We received some amazing student feedback for Matthew’s sessions, and knowing that young minds may have been inspired to apply for STEM subject is very exciting for us!
Graduate employment is always the hot topic in the media, so for us it’s about helping to close that divide between education and employment. This is particularly important with STEM industries because there are fewer teens studying the subject areas at a higher level, and businesses are facing skills shortages.
“Days like this that are purely focused on the STEM subjects are a brilliant opportunity for us to help close this gap, especially in Cornwall. This is vital to Bluefruit’s future success as well, and we’ll take every opportunity to be involved.” – Matthew, Team Lead at Bluefruit.
We want to do everything we can to show young people what they can do, and ensure the UK keeps producing a high calibre of graduates that contribute to our industry.
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