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We are very excited to introduce Bluefruit’s new Software Developer apprentices Elliot, Ian and Jordan. These guys have gone through a serious selection procedure which included a cyber dojo session, additional development and testing exercises and a presentation to our Team Leads and Paul. Jordan (who has taken part in three of our Mission to Mars courses) is our first-ever female apprentice.

The trio will complete their apprenticeship after two years with a Level 4 Diploma from Truro College. During their training, they will rotate through our teams to gain deeper insights and understanding on the variety of Bluefruit’s projects. In addition to learning how to code, they will also gain some hands-on experience and training on how to undertake testing and develop software using a Lean Agile approach. Alongside their Bluefruit work, they will still be attending college once a week to focus on the theoretical side of the apprenticeship.

With a world-wide shortage of high quality software engineers, at the end of the apprenticeship our aim is to find a place for all three apprentices here at Bluefruit. We have a solid track record for hiring our apprentices and plan to continue this tradition developing local talent into accomplished software engineers.

We’d like to give you a chance to get to know our new apprentices a bit more:

Elliot Paull
Tell us a bit more about yourself:
I graduated from Exeter University last year studying Maths and Physics. In my free time, I enjoy playing Table tennis, reading, board gaming and playing Indie games on the computer.
What made you decide to become an apprentice here at Bluefruit?
I came to Bluefruit because I wanted a more practical use for the problem-solving skills I developed at university, writing the correct piece of code is like solving a puzzle!
Is there anything you are hoping to learn or to improve during your apprenticeship?
I’d like to become a capable programmer using C++ and other relevant languages used throughout the company.

Ian Businge
Tell us a bit more about yourself:
My name is Ian and I am experienced in working with charities and not-for-profit sectors; transport and the entertainment media, the education sectors and volunteering – all for over 11 years both in the UK and Uganda. I am husband to a beautiful lady. I am also a guitarist and martial artist. In my spare time, I can be found practising the art and science of transforming problems expressed in natural language into electrons running around in a circuit.
What made me decide to become an apprentice here at Bluefruit?
I have always been drawn to computers and technology. The lights dawned on me rather brightly when I discovered that the best part of any task/problem solving for me has always been using a computer/technology to get the results required. So why Bluefruit? The world class excellence of its engineers is staggering. It is an environment that is always learning and succeeding, one in which technical experience, disciplines, skills and high standards are used to meet client requirements. It offers me the very best environment to be continuously challenged to improve, and is one in which I get to receive the perfect support to grow and develop, in a highly specialist and competitive industry.
Is there anything you are hoping to learn or improve during your apprenticeship?
Yes. A LOT. My long-term goal is to become a capable and competent Software Engineer, with Bluefruit. My immediate goal is to add value to my team by effectively supporting my team lead and team mates with all our projects.

Jordan Barkway
Tell us a bit more about yourself:
I’m Jordan and I play county cricket in my free time. I have been chosen to go to South Africa and represent our county at cricket! I enjoy sports, playing the pokemon TCG (weird I know!)/ video games and trying out new things.
What made you decide to become an apprentice here at Bluefruit?
Ever since I joined the Mission to Mars course in 2015 I always wanted to work at Bluefruit – its like a dream come true! After I got some insights on working with Agile software development techniques on hardware and software I fell in love with coding. I really enjoy seeing things moving as I code them.
Is there anything you are hoping to learn or to improve during your apprenticeship?
I’m hoping to learn C++ and improve my understanding of computing as a whole! I want to help make a difference.

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