As we begin 2015, many of us will be setting our New Year’s resolutions. But why set those same old goals like ‘exercising more’, or (Heaven forbid!) ‘cutting down on caffeine’, when you could be doing something worthwhile that you will actually stick to!


Learn a new skill!


Learning a new skill is a fantastic aim to have when starting the year, and we recommend learning to code! Programming skills are highly desirable, infinitely useful, and most importantly, fun to learn and practice.

If you fancy learning to code, check out the resources below:




Courses – Beginner courses – Beginner courses – Advanced skills courses, with potential to gain certificate at the end – Advanced skills courses – Courses for a range of levels – Courses on a range of languages


C++ Help – All about C++ – Mini C++ exercises – Further reading on C++


Raspberry Pi


We hope you enjoy learning your new skill over the next 12 months. Good luck!