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It’s Mission to Mars (Reloaded) time! A couple of weeks ago, Software Cornwall ran two versions of the Mission to Mars work experience courses. One is a week-long structured activity, and the other a two-day accelerated version. Both courses invite budding software developers aged 14 to 24 to write code to program Ada and Alan, our Mars rover robots, to traverse the tricky Martian terrain in search of extra-terrestrial life.

Ian Businge and Elliot Paul, our amazing Bluefruit apprentices (and power rangers), got invited by Software Cornwall to become a part of the mentoring team for Mission to Mars. This is their experience at a glance:

“The opening speech by Tony Edwards on the state of the United Kingdom economy and the contribution of the technology sector to it was mind-opening. The knowledge that 2 million of the 32 million UK workforce contribute to about 20% of the U.K GDP from the tech sector instantly restocked my excitement at being invited to be part of mentoring the next (possible) tech workforce.

“The Mission to Mars is an opportunity to learn from other Mentors, share industry knowledge and experience with the young participants, and learn a lot from them too!

I was very impressed with the high calibre of candidates and the skills the young participants are already demonstrating at this nascent stage: team-work, creativity, persistence and even questioning of assumptions. The brilliance and tenacity of all the young participants involved were both refreshing to watch and energising to keep up with.

“With Mission to Mars and technology education as well as major investment for new and existing businesses, Cornwall is on track to becoming the very best tech sector in the UK, and the very least, remaining the fastest growing tech-cluster.

“The kids definitely have an incredible opportunity with Mission to Mars to achieve their (tech) dreams!”

For more information on opportunities like Mission to Mars, head to our training and learning page.

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