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Why we love the Cornish lifestyle for work and play.

There are so many reasons to love Cornwall; the stunning coastline, the growing tech industry, the countryside walks, the business support, and sense of community, to name just a few. But what’s it really like to live and work here?

The “Work Hard, Play Hard” mantra of London and “the big cities” suggest that the stresses of urban life are worth it for the freedoms enjoyed outside working hours; for Friday nights, weekends and holidays. There is a definitive (and often difficult) split between the strain of professional life and the pleasure of personal time.

To contrast, in Cornwall we focus on “living well”.

We’re not (as the media often implies) the antithesis of London and the “Work Hard, Play Hard” idiom; we don’t work ‘less hard’. We simply strive for a more well-rounded lifestyle, where life isn’t made up of two separate, opposing parts of work and play (or tragedy and comedy?), but one whole package that is balanced and truly fulfilling.

Cornwall with Bluefruit
“Personally I love being close to the beach; I can see the North coast from the Bluefruit offices and I live 10 minutes from work, at Porthtowan, next to the beach. To get the most out of the great outdoors you need to be able to react to its unpredictable nature. I can be at work, look out the window, see the sun is shining, check the wave conditions and be in the sea catching waves in 15 minutes. It makes for an outstanding lunch break!

These days I’ve really got into bodysurfing with a handboard. It’s small so I can keep it in the car all the time. They say the best camera is the one you have with you, and for me it’s the same with boards for surfing.” – Owen, Test Team Lead

Bluefruit in Cornwall
At Bluefruit, we encourage our engineers to merge their lifestyle if desired. We offer flexitime hours (great in Spring when you’ve got to catch that 3 o’clock surf!), have Summer beach BBQs, and give everyone their own space to treat like home. There are areas around the office for chilling out and taking breaks with a book (or maybe a PS4 game…) when brains get full and restless, and we even have weekly Pizza Friday and Go! Club in the training room.Bluefruit in Cornwall

“I love running around the Cornish lanes, coastal paths and the especially along the beach. It’s a great way debug the mind and relax.
I made this map from 45 different runs I’ve done over the years and really impressed myself! My top three spots are probably Tehidy Woods, the Great Flat Lode trail around Carn Brea, and the high cliffs of Godrevy headland. All within 20 minutes from work.”– Richard, Deputy Team Lead

Cornwall running

Our aim is to make sure our employees aren’t just living for the weekend – they’re enjoying every day, which is very much what the Cornish way of life is all about.

See yourself living and working in Cornwall? Take a look at our Culture page.


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