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Winter has arrived, and whilst temperatures are plummeting throughout the whole of the UK, delivering snow and ice, Cornwall still surprises with sunshine and temperatures around 10 degrees.

Here in Cornwall “winter” means good waves, empty beaches, frosty but sunny mornings, and Christmas lights in those tiny harbour villages.

There is countryside and coastline to explore, top restaurants serving the freshest fish and pasties, and a relaxed and friendly community atmosphere that make it a wonderful place for spending quality time with family and friends. To top it off, there is superfast broadband and a thriving tech community.

Recent studies have found out that Cornwall has the highest percentage of people satisfied with their lives in the country. Yes, it’s true, we live where you holiday…and you can do the same.

If you follow our posts, you might have noticed that we are recruiting. Not only for one or two positions: we have a variety of job roles available; from Junior to Senior, from Tester to Developer. Besides being able to see the ocean from our office, working for Bluefruit has a lot more to offer!

Here are our top 5 reasons to love working in our team:


Due to Flexitime, we can always schedule our adventures around the core working hours which allows us to spend more time with our families and beloved hobbies. Just a quick check on the surf webcam, and in less then 10 minutes you can be down at the beach for a surf session. It also means people can balance their work around their lives.

Bluefruit Goodies

Ever longed for a little relaxation during lunch break or a quick sprint on the treadmill? Why not join our free weekly yoga class or the onsite gym which is open 24/7. Grab some free fruit from our weekly fruit box, have your daily coffee fix in the onsite cafe, or relax in our chillout room with pool tables. As if that is not enough, Bluefruit has free onsite parking. What’s not to like?

Pension and Holiday

Bluefruit offers a pension scheme to all employees. That means all our employees are auto enrolled to the company pension scheme, helping you to save for the future. And to make sure you have enough time to enjoy the beautiful location we offer 25 days holiday (plus bank holidays).

Excellence in Business Training Award

Bluefruit is a recent winner of an Excellence in Business Training Award and is committed to providing training for the benefit of every individual within the company. We are a company set up by engineers for engineers, meaning our staff are involved with the development of the company and career progression. With regular internal training sessions and the opportunity to head off to conferences, you will keep on learning!

Never a dull moment

From superyachts to helicopters, from wearables to Internet of things, you have the opportunity to work on many interesting projects. Due the constant change of technology, work at Bluefruit never gets boring. Every project requires different approaches or skills. This variety is how we maintain our teams’ happiness, as you can work for a project you might have a natural interest in. Quite obviously, this is how we maintain our clients’ happiness as well; we bring the right people and the right project together.

Still not convinced? Have a look why we love doing what we do here at Bluefruit:

Where can you sign up?

Head over to our careers page and have a look at our available jobs and apply for a suitable position. After reviewing your application, we will send over a little exercise to see where which team would be the best fit for you. We love challenges and we hope you do as well. Meet us in a cyber dojo (a virtual coding space) to solve a given task. It’s not only about being wrong or right, we’d like to see your approach to a complex situation. And for all the Testers out there, we have a small exercise, so we can see how you would test something to destruction. Depending on the outcome of your cyber dojo or testing exercise, we will invite you to our office here in Redruth to have a face -to-face interview and run some exercises with the teams. You will have to chance to ask us about working at Bluefruit and look around the offices and say Hi to your (hopefully) new colleagues.

Be careful what you wish for – you might end up like the rest of us Bluefruities: Living the dream and working where others holiday.

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