On the 16th and 17th October, we headed over to the Royal Cornwall Showground near Wadebridge for the Cornwall Skills Show Experience; one of Cornwall’s biggest careers events for young people.


From baking tutorials to theatrical makeup demonstrations, the show was packed with interactive, hands-on activities from over 100 local businesses. We brought along our awesome programmable robot arm, along with the Game of Life LED display and Minecraft running on Raspberry Pis!


Robot arm challenge


Many thanks to everyone who visited our stand! As promised, below is a list of resources that can help you improve your skills and jump-start your career in programming and software development:



www.codecademy.com – Web-based programming tutorials

www.tutorialspoint.com – Beginner courses in lots of languages

www.bogotobogo.com – Tutorials in lots of languages

http://www.microsoftvirtualacademy.com/training-courses/c-fundamentals-for-absolute-beginners – C# and Microsoft Visual Studio video tutorial

http://cyber-dojo.org/ – Practice your programming


University Level

www.udacity.com – Beginner courses

https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/electrify – Beginner courses

www.coursera.org – Advanced skills courses, with potential to gain certificate at the end

www.edx.org – Advanced skills courses


C++ Help

www.cplusplus.com – All about C++

http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/C++_Programming/Exercises/Iterations – Mini C++ exercises

http://anshulmalik.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/Kernighan-Ritchie.pdf – Further reading on C++


Raspberry Pi and Minecraft




If you have any questions or would like to discuss work experience with us, feel free to email info@bluefruit.co.uk, or call 03335 777 111.


You may remember we also had a competition to win a Raspberry Pi – but don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten! The winner will be announced next week, and we will contact you through your school or college to let you know.


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Game of Life