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We’re passionate about educating and nurturing young peoples’ enthusiasm for software development.

It all comes down to our belief in continuous learning, and our desire to show young people how exciting a career in software development can be.
There is a technology skills gap crisis at the moment, and companies like ours are crying out for talented engineers to join their teams. This industry is one of the fastest growing, and presents not only a lucrative career choice for many, but also the opportunity for true enthusiasts to follow their dreams and join fantastically creative and innovative organisations.
So, how are we helping to improve this skills gap and get the message out there?
Free Training Courses
Each year, we host a number of programmes and courses at our premises in Redruth, Cornwall, that are free for people to attend. We’ve previously hosted the ‘Easter Coding School’ in partnership with Software Cornwall and Cornwall College that was specifically targeted towards 15 to 18 year old coding enthusiasts.
We also hold an ‘Agile Summer School’ each year that is mostly aimed towards University students, graduates, and people looking to refresh or advance their software career.
These courses see continued success, with our focus being on improving employability through giving attendees a realistic experience of working in a commercial, Agile, software development environment.
Agile Summer Huddle 2015
Careers Fairs
We attend careers fairs and events throughout the year to showcase projects that our teams are working on and be a presence for the software industry in Cornwall. Many of these events also involve bringing along a ‘have a go’ activity for young people to try out, and we can usually be found on our stand with a controllable robot arm and a ‘Minecraft Hacking’ demonstration! 
Education Outreach
Our test engineers and developers are also passionate about passing their skills and knowledge on to the next generation, so are happy to volunteer to visit schools, colleges and universities to do presentations and talk to students about what we do at Bluefruit, what it’s like to work in the software industry, and also how their own career path brought them to where they are today.
This has been really successful, and we’ve been asked back time and time again to many schools for instilling enthusiasm into their pupils.
We also offer the opportunity for small groups of students to come and visit our offices with a teacher, to have a tour of our premises and see what our teams get up to each day and what projects we’re currently working on. We love hosting these tours and we’ve had great feedback from teachers and parents about this approach.
Nothing grabs the attention of a tech-savvy teen like the opportunity to win an Oculus Rift or a Raspberry Pi kit! Whether they have to complete a coding challenge, or write down what they want to build with their kit, there are lots of ways to spread the message that programming is a creative, fun thing to do!
We often work alongside Software Cornwall and Cornwall College with our projects, for example with the ‘Mission to Mars’ courses for secondary school pupils, and with primary school Code Clubs too.
Work Experience
At Bluefruit we have an open, welcoming and friendly atmosphere, so our teams are always happy hosting people keen to gain some on-the-job experience and learn about how we work in a team environment.
Whether it’s in June for school-organised work experience, or you’re interested in coming in your own spare time, get in touch with your CV and we’d love to fit you in.
In 2015, we took on three new Apprentices with Cornwall College, who are now completing their IT Level 3 qualification with us. They’ve been working closely with both our test engineers and developers, and hope to continue working with us once their course is over next year! 
We have resources in our business dedicated to these ‘learning and teaching’ activities, and have many more exciting things to come this year too!
If you are a teacher, parent or student interested in taking part in any of these activities with us, feel free to get in touch at