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UPDATE: Both events mentioned on this post have taken place. For more information on opportunities like these, check out our training and learning page.

Software Cornwall and Bluefruit are excited to announce some amazing events this July for young people in Cornwall who would like to learn more about Software Development.

Summer Agile Huddle:

Are you looking to improve your coding skills and get ahead in your Software Development career? Get ready for our FREE 2-week programme during July. The event is for anyone aged 16 or over who has a passion for programming and a desire to kickstart or elevate their career in Software Development. The Summer Agile Huddle takes place from 17th – 28th July 2017 at Bluefruit HQ in Redruth and will cover the following:
– Different software development tools, practices and technology
– Agile development and project management (eg. Test Driven Development, Pair Programming)
– A realistic experience of working in teams in a commercial environment
– An opportunity to meet and network with local employers in the industry

Mission to Mars Work Experience

We will also be working with Software Cornwall to running another one of our extremely popular “Mission to Mars” work experience sessions. The next “Mission to Mars” will be taking place from July 10th  – July 14th . and is an amazing opportunity for young people aged 15 to 18 to work together on a project from start to finish, learning about a number of different aspects of the software industry along the way.

It’s always great to see the progress the attendees make in such a short amount of time, in terms of both the progress against the tasks and their understanding of programming in general. The event is great for starting people on the path to a career in software development and allows us to meet up and coming talent that we may employ in the future” says Byran Wills-Heath, mentor at Mission to Mars and Head of Development at Bluefruit Software.

We start the week by breaking the students up into teams who are then supported by industry mentors to help with any coding training. During their time together each team tackles the challenge of writing software for our “Mars Rovers” instructing them on how to safely explore a remote environment. The students will all learn how to write code to navigate, turn or reverse the rovers within an obstacle course. To help teams get real world ready, we also work with them on setting and sticking to budgets, as well as presenting their project to a panel of industry experts on the final day.

We are looking for students ranging from no experience at all to coding super heroes. The entire week is free and should provide immense value to any student who is interested in learning more about working in the Software industry.

Kyle Wardle, one of our students that joined the recent Mission to Mars, had this to say about the program:

I really enjoyed the practical element to programming which it allowed us to experience. We got to see our code actively doing something on a physical object which was different to anything that I had done previously. I learned a new coding language which was great and got to work with people in the field and see how they work which was very useful and insightful.

To sign up for this work experience please visit:

The summer huddle and our work experience is delivered and fully funded by Software Cornwall in support with software professionals volunteering. Software Cornwall is an open and collaborative group of technology-based businesses that connect, promote and support the growing tech community in Cornwall. One key objective is to educate young people and promote careers in software engineering by establish numerous events during the year such the Easter school or the Summer huddle.

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