Battery powered products usually have strong power consumption requirements, and hardware and software design are both essential in using the available energy in the best possible way.

On the hardware front, there are a few things we can do to reduce idle power consumption and promote battery life, including low voltage chips and supporting sleep modes. Software strategies include using a low-power clock, sleep mode and turning off superfluous peripherals.

Bluefruit have extensive experience with both disposable and rechargeable batteries, and co-operate closely with hardware engineers for the best possible design.

A recent project concerned an innovative, low cost attendance validation system that could be used to monitor contractual time.

It automatically generated a unique encrypted 8 digit code which changes every 60 seconds to support accurate and indisputable timekeeping.

A recent project analysis for an attendance validation system resulted in the following hardware and software advice:

●    Use of a low cost STM32F050C4 processor based on a 32bit ARM Cortex M0 core from ST Microelectronics.
●    The CPU was clocked at 48MHz using the internal RC/PLL, and used an external 32768Hz crystal for RTC control.
●    As the unit is battery powered, the CPU is placed into its lowest power saving mode when a code is not being displayed.

This power saving mode ensures the RTC is maintained and ensures the system’s five-year target life.