The STM32 family of microcontrollers are high performance ARM based MCU built around a Cortex-M ARM core (M0 to M7).

Particularly suited to cost sensitive consumer applications, the various devices include peripherals such as USB OTG, Ethernet and SDIO.

Some of their impressive features consist of:

●    Different memory sizes, ranging from 16KB up to 2MB flash memory.
●    Flexible device peripherals pin assignment, making routing easier.
●    A window watchdog, allowing precise monitoring of execution time.
●    High suitability for real time application.

We’ve recently used the STM32F103x family in an exciting new project – an electric bike application.

The project focus was on cost, time to market and power efficiency.

Libraries and utilities provided by ST can help reduce development time, especially regarding complex applications such as brushless DC motor control.