SD Card

SD Card is a very practical Flash memory format for embedded systems. It is a low-cost solution for providing ‘PC-sized’ capacities to small 8-bit based systems. It is also a flexible solution for the end-user: they can easily upgrade memory and they can easily transfer files to a PC.

As members of the SD Association we have access to all the latest specifications including SDHC (High Capacity SD cards). This ensures that we keep your product in line with the appropriate standards.

In a recent project, we used an SD card as the main storage for data logging. This enabled to product to have massive storage facilities. It also meant that the product could have a minimalistic user-interface, because the data could easily be retrieved simply by plugging the SD card into a Windows PC.

  1. 1. SDHC – High Capacity SD
  2. 2. Data Logging
  3. 3. Flash Memory