Water purifier

Working within the scientific sector requires a particular style of embedded software development.

Our high level understanding of the fundamentals of physics as well as the design and development of its instrumentation ensures we are your perfect match for any scientific project.

We are able to quickly understand your application, design optimal solutions and even develop innovative algorithms if required.

  • ● Precision analogue to digital conversions
  • ● Optimised signal to noise performance
  • ● Digital signal processing

Several focus areas must be given careful consideration:

  • ● Mathematics – The key element operating behind the scenes.
  • ● Precision and accuracy – These must be a quantifiable aspect of the software.
  • ● Reliability – This is essential as users must have confidence in the results derived from the software.
  • ● Testing – Unit testing (TDD) and system testing (BDD) ensures all calculated results are repeatable and accurate.