RS485 might sound like a protocol from the last millennium but by utilising the latest devices from companies like Maxim, you can achieve long range, reliable and fast networks for next to nothing.

Recently we implemented a system consisting of up to 20 devices using a custom RS485 protocol we’d developed.

It featured a data rate of 2Mbit/s power over the cable and features such as plug’n’play and over-the-bus firmware updates.

Another Bluefruit project distributed 32 channels of control and audio data over a 2-wire network. Over these same two wires we were distributing power and to make matters worse, the cable was 30 year old legacy cable!

This was only made possible by harnessing the simplicity of RS485 combined with the sophistication of the latest RS485 silicon.

RS232 is becoming rarer these days but is still very useful for implementing a debug port.

Our expertise in this protocol has seen Bluefruit become specialists in:
●    Fast RS485
●    RS485 pre-emphasis
●    Audio over RS485
●    Long range RS485
●    Firmware update over RS485
●    RS232
●    RS485
●    RS422