Real-time is an area of embedded programming that requires a highly disciplined approach to ensure optimum results.

As embedded specialists, we have many real-time applications in our portfolio. These demonstrate our expert eye for providing real solutions to real-time problems.

Real-time programming presents a number of issues. It is a balance between fast code and maintainable code, and our team call upon decades of experience to source the optimum solution that combines speedy and sustainable code.

Real-time applications can be categorised as fast/slow and hard/soft:

●    Hard means tight tolerances on timings (e.g. engine management)
●    Soft means loose tolerances on timings (e.g. user-interfaces)

With this criteria, real-time programming can be split into four categories:

●    Hard-fast
●    Soft-fast
●    Hard-slow
●    Soft-slow

Understanding which category your application falls into is part of our expertise.

This enables us to make the correct decisions about the hardware and software structure required. The true challenge in real-time programming comes from implementation.

We are trained in tools including Enterprise Architect, which is essential for ensuring large real-time systems are validated and verified correctly.