Python is a very powerful scripting language.

We use it as part of our toolkit when extra automation could help, such as:


  • ● Generating user-specific configurations: on a recent project, we had to generate setting based on a table containing data specific to each user. A Python script was used to generate the settings file, along with the installation batch script so that each product could be configured quickly by the development and test teams.
  • ● Porting to a new test framework: this is the approach we used when moving from Google Unit Tests (gtest) to Microsoft Cpp Unit Tests. It greatly reduced the amount of manual editing that needed to be done to get started with the new framework.
  • ● Generating C/C++ source files from templates: Google Protobuf uses a specific format to describe message contents. Python is used to parse templates and configuration files, and generate the corresponding C/C+ source and header files.