Microsoft Visual C++ is the power tool of Windows programming.
Whether we’re developing a low level driver, a DLL API or a complete application, Visual C++ gives us ultimate control and flexibility.


This greater flexibility and control offers many advantages to our embedded programmers:

●          Visual C++ Applications tend to be more efficient than C# and Visual Basic in terms of performance.
●          Most APIs for 3rd party hardware or software tend to target Visual C++, although when .Net Class Libraries are not available (for C# or Visual Basic) it is possible to use P/Invoke to access the APIs, however it is usually quicker and easier to use Visual C++.
●          One of the great features of Visual C++ is that it’s possible to write a Visual C++ .Net back end that interfaces to APIs, contains all the time critical code and links to a C# or Visual Basic front end, allowing developers to make the most of both systems.