At Bluefruit, we consider ourselves PIC experts.

Not only do we have an expansive experience with all forms of Microchip Technology’s PICs, but we hold Microchip Consultancy Certification and Hi-Tech Consultancy recognition.

As PIC experts, we can assist at any or every stage of your project. We can help selecting the correct PIC for the job, assigning the correct pins for the appropriate functions, choosing the correct compiler, as well as designing and implementing the software.

Every PIC project is subject to relentless testing, verifying and validating – a Bluefruit standard.

A study in PIC

Both PIC10 and PIC12 processors are also great for tiny designs, with a recent project involving the replacement of a recently obsolete custom frequency counter chip.

The client had decided to revamp their product and reduce costs by implementing a new solution using a PIC12.

With massive experience in programming but none in PIC devices, the client requested our expertise. The solution needed to be cost effective and designed to maximum performance.

We took a PIC12F629, which is a small 8-pin device with only 1024 words of Flash ROM and 64 bytes of RAM, and developed a high performance, auto-ranging frequency counter.

The number of pin-compatible MCUs in this family means we can start development with a high-performance PIC32, and then revert to a cheaper, less powerful option when requirements are better defined.

This is our Agile project management approach in action.

PIC32 offered a cost-effective answer to a need for greater power.

We also have vast experience with the following processors:

  • ● PIC16
  • ● PIC18
  • ● dsPIC
  • ● PIC24
  • ● PIC32

We have an extensive set of PIC tools, debuggers and compilers. These include:

  • ● PIC emulators
  • ● REAL-ICE
  • ● ICD2/3
  • ● CCS compilers
  • ● Hi-Tech compilers
  • ● Microchip C/XC compilers
  • ● Microchip simulators
  • ● Microchip assemblers
  • ● Proteus simulators… the list goes on.

As renowned PIC experts, we have worked on a number of more complex designs. These include a DJ mixing desk, a temperature logging system (with USB, Ethernet, Modem, RS232, 4-20mA, etc) and a USB digital camera project.

Please refer to our Project pages for more examples.