electronic pipette

The software used in medical products requires some of the most important development knowledge and skills possible.

Not only is there a colossal sense of responsibility attributed to such work but with it comes a very specific set of challenges and constraints, with testing requirements varying widely depending on the application.

For example, the software controlling a dialysis system doesn’t require the same verification process as a blood glucose meter. With each application comes a new focus and technology.

Aspects such as human interface and error reporting hold an extra weight as any mismanagement could have life-threatening consequences.

A specific development process is used to guarantee that all aspects of the software possess a high level of reliability.

Techniques used are:

  • ● UML class diagrams
  • ● Unit and system tests (TDD and BDD)
  • Code reviews
  • ● Detailed inspection of all code used in the product, including third-party libraries
  • ● IEC 62304

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