Embedded C/C++ programming is the most popular approach to programming embedded systems, it perfectly partners speed of development with flexibility and we always code in C or C++ by choice.

That said, we are always flexible and judge the programming options based on the project requirements.

We also work expertly with:

●          Assembly
●          Visual C++
●          C#/VB .NET
●          Python/Perl
●          Java

When it comes to PIC programming, Embedded C/C++  is our go-to, it possesses the cost effectiveness of a high level language with the power and efficiency of assembler.

Our choice of Embedded C/C++ compiler for PIC processors would be the Microchip XC series of compilers. Reliable and bug-free, their tech support is extremely helpful and a constant resource to our team.

As proof of our Embedded C/C++ skills, Bluefruit have Microchip Consultancy Certification and Hi-Tech Consultancy status.

These endorsements are validated on a continuing basis by Microchip and Hi-Tech, and ensure that all our clients receive the highest level of embedded programming.

In true Bluefruit style, we created our very own embedded C compiler that runs on an 8-bit Rabbit processor.

Although it’s not a full ANSI C compliant compiler, the process was a great learning exercise, giving us enormous insight into the structure of recursive descent languages.

The Embedded C/C++ route is championed by Bluefruit. Our advocation of this programming language has enabled us to develop our compiler expertise.

  • ● Hi-Tech PIC
  • ● CCS PIC C
  • ● Microchip C18/C32
  • ● Microchip XC compilers
  • ● Keil C51
  • ● OOC
  • ● IAR ARM C/C++
  • ● GNU GCC