An embedded software system is a purpose-built computer, completely encapsulated by the device it controls.

Unlike a general-purpose personal computer, this complicated system has specific requirements and performs pre-defined tasks, and at the centre of an embedded system is a microprocessor or  microcontroller, where the embedded software resides.

We specialise in embedded software programming and bespoke embedded Linux systems, with in-depth experience with many processors including:

●    PIC (8-bit to 32-bit processors)
●    8051
●    8096
●    x86
●    AVR
●    Rabbit (2000 and 3000)
●    C166

Embedded software development is a huge area of computer science,  including everything from 8-pin 8-bit microcontrollers through to 64-bit microprocessors running Embedded Windows or Linux.

A user interface is a common feature of embedded software and requires a particularly high skill level compared to standard PC programming, hence all our embedded programmers possess a deep understanding of ergonomics.

Although operating systems are common in embedded systems, there are rarely used in 8-bit applications due to the limited resources available we design our own tasking structure to make this possible.

As well as providing embedded software for any system, through partner companies we can also provide electronic and industrial design.