As embedded software specialists, we find that one of the main pitfalls in product development is hardware and software integration, and being keen collaborators and innovators, we aim to solve this problem by offering a host of services to our clients:

●    Development of an in-house prototype board – the purpose of this board is to validate functional requirements and serve as reference hardware for software development. It is then used as a basis for production grade PCBs.

●    We design and route it in-house, assisted if needed by one of our electronic design partner companies, we use PCB tests to validate our hardware design.

●    We brainstorm with the hardware engineers – We collaboratively write and test code, working together and sharing our understanding of how the system should work. This can help avoid peripheral misconfiguration, erroneous startup sequences, misunderstanding of how low-power modes are supposed to be used etc.

This hands-on approach is teamed with industry tested practices and our very own unique, efficient take on software design and development.