C# and Visual Basic.Net are modern objected-orientated program languages.

They both take advantage of the Microsoft.Net Framework. Not only does this enable faster application development but it ensures a high level of compatibility between all modern versions of Microsoft Windows.

The Bluefruit team are fluent in developing applications in both C# and Visual Basic.Net.
Developing in a managed programming language has many benefits over its traditional unmanaged counterparts:
●          Automatic Garbage Collection – It removes the complications of monitoring allocated memory, a very consuming and distracting task. Now the programmer can allocate memory, use it for as long as they need and when they no longer need it, remove all references to it and the Garbage Collector will automatically free the memory.
●          The .Net Framework’s collection of classes – They provide solutions to many common programming problems in areas such as communications, user interfaces and databases. An invaluable resource.

We have been using the .Net Framework since its original 1.0 release. Now operating the latest .Net Framework 4.6, our experience has given us a wealth of knowledge about the .Net Framework and how we can use it effectively for any project.

During this time we have also built up a range of custom class libraries, designed for solving tasks not outlined by the built-in class libraries.