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At Bluefruit, branding is not an afterthought. We understand that consumer product design plays a key role in user experience, and consequently market success.

No one knows your market better than you, so from the project outset we build up from your deep understanding of your users   Starting with insight is paramount to a project’s success so we allow this stage to flourish at a natural pace, determined by real-time findings.

That’s why we’ve adopted an Agile approach. This project management style breeds constant redefinition and review throughout development, resulting in a reduced, more responsive process.

We release working software at the end of every two-week software development iteration and move forward to next stages with an updated and project-aware focus.

A user-driven design methodology is invaluable within the consumer industry, and this means analysing your requirements from the user’s perspective. Creating user stories centred around daily issues, expectations and benefits gives us a clear affiliation with your users and the market.

Effective testing is paramount.

One bug could not only kill a product commercially, but it could kill a product and brand reputation.

That’s why we always use:

●          Automated unit testing (TDD) as part of our Software Quality Assurance system

●          A technique called BDD – Your requirements are translated into an executable specification that can be run against the source code. This ensures that your product is not only tested, but also verified against your requirements

●          User stories

●          Slick and intuitive ergonomics