CompactFlash cards can be used as an alternative to SD cards for removable storage in harsh environments such as automotive, aerospace or military applications. There are extended temperature range parts available. Whenever extreme levels of vibrations and shocks are a concern, it’s also possible to use rugged connectors with a clip that locks the card into place.

Capacities range from 32MB to 64GB, allowing for a wide range of applications.

CompactFlash cards can be used to store raw data, as well as files on any type of file system (e.g. FAT, ext3, or a custom embedded file system). They can support three access modes:

  • ● PC Card Memory mode
  • ● PC Card I/O mode
  • ● True IDE Mode

CompactFlash cards can also be used with a minimal (but slower) 8-bit interface, which makes them suitable even for low-range microcontrollers.

In a recent project, we used CompactFlash for system file storage and data logging in a product that is used in a helicopter.