Controller-area network (CAN-bus or CAN) was invented in 1983 to provide a robust protocol for devices featured in a harsh environment.

A modern car can have as many as 80 ECUs (Electronic Control Units) talking over CAN, and each of those processors requires embedded software.

At Bluefruit, we have experience with developing embedded software for everything from small CAN pedal units through to advanced Windows-based CAN dashboards.

Our extended knowledge of protocol is varied and includes:

●    ISO 11898-2
●    ISO 11898-3
●    ISO 11898-4
●    SAE J1939
●    ISO 11783-2
●    SAE J2411

Our most effective choice for smaller scale CAN devices is the Microchip PIC as they are small, cost-effective and very reliable, and for our Windows-based CAN solutions we opt for a pre-approved SBC.

This enables us, with minimal development costs, to provide a solution under £100 (including the Windows license).