Atmel SAMx is a range of ARM-based MCU, with embedded flash and a whole range of peripherals.
The various derivatives target different application types, such as:

  • ● SAM L, for battery powered devices, featuring advanced power management capabilities.
  • ● SAM E, for performance and connectivity (including Ethernet)
  • ● SAM S, for a cost-effective option offering both performance and low power consumption

The microcontrollers are pin- and software- compatible across the same family, providing an easy upgrade path when requirements change, or the option to downgrade to cheaper parts when budget becomes tighter.

Atmel provides reference code for its SAM x microcontrollers series, which makes it quick and easy to get a first prototype up and running. However, we have found that, as the code base grows in complexity, writing our own low-level drivers was a more effective option.

It allows for a cleaner interface, which makes it possible to run automated tests all the way down to the lowest software layers. The drivers are also simpler and easier to maintain, as only the features required for the target application are implemented.

At Bluefruit we have extensive experience developing embedded software for ATMEL SAMx MCUs, from low-level drivers to application code, using both IAR and GCC toolchains.