We have specialist experience with a wide range of processors. From silicon vendors, such as ARM7, ARM9 and ARM11 to Cortex M3/M4 cores, the Bluefruit team have developed software on an impressive list of industry favourites.

Our varied services include developing and porting bootloaders, device drivers and application code for a variety of operating systems including Windows Embedded Compact and embedded Linux. We have experience with a range of compilers, including IAR Embedded Workbench and GNU GCC ports.

Just as an ARM core processor offers an excellent platform for many embedded applications, Bluefruit offers an excellent range of skills and experience in developing systems based on ARM technologies.

Our processor portfolio consists of:


●    ARM926EJ-S

●    ARM1136J-S

●    ARMv5

●    ARMv7

●    ARMv9

●    Cortex-M3/M4