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Get Your Embedded Software Project off to a Flying Start!

We work with many clients in safety critical sectors, such as medical and automotive, who need to have clearly defined processes for their projects; this is where our Inception service (also known as a Software Feasibility Study) comes in.
This service isn’t just for customers who have committed to a full project with us; an Inception is the perfect place to start for anyone with a new project looking for help with defining requirements and ensuring their software is brand-aligned! The Inception service demonstrates how we customise our processes for each client, which is perfect for sectors where a fully Agile approach just isn’t feasible. The Inception process is our solution to this.
It all starts with a meeting where we discuss your needs and identify areas that need further consideration. We’d then compile all that information into an Inception report, which provides you with an overview of your project, including features, timescales, configuration management, process, ballpark estimates and more!
Evaluating all these elements of your project before you start has the following benefits:

  • Smoother project kick-off
    The Inception report will include everything you need to get started immediately on your project, from the people to the processes. We find it’s a much smoother step to getting started than analysing a lengthy specification document.
  • Identify areas that need extra consideration or changes
    Discovering potential issues or risks at this early stage is extremely important for a project in terms of both time and budget efficiency.
  • More accurate estimates
    With a better overview of the requirements and an understanding of potential risks, the Inception report can be a useful tool for budgeting more accurately.

If you’re interested in outsourcing the embedded software for your project, but aren’t sure where to start or aren’t ready to take the leap into development just yet, our Inception service is the perfect solution.
You can download the sample Inception report to see how we tailor our processes to different projects. The report is not representative of how we always do things, but it is a good example of how we capture our process for the benefit of clients who care.
If you have any questions or would like to book a chat with one of our Senior Developers, get in touch!

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