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Written by Caitlin Gould, Bluefruit Business Development Director

Over the past week there has been a large amount of news coverage on the huge amount of plastics washed up on Cornish beaches. Inspired, a few members of the Bluefruit team decided it would be fun to do a beach clean over lunch. We rallied the troops and made the 10 minute drive down to Portreath only to find a very clean looking beach. No huge piles of plastic bottles or swathes of washed up fishing nets. Just beautiful sand and the odd dog walker.

However, we didn’t give up. We left the main part of the beach and started looking in the less popular places. We combed the river bed, sifted through the rocks, and walked slower, looking closer. And we found two boxes full of the less obvious mess. The clear plastic straws that are hard to see at first, the bags slightly buried in the sand, the microplastics that do so much damage to the marine life.

Walking slowing along the beach in the sun gives you time to think. I started to compare our approach to this beach clean with some of the software audit projects we do. On the surface things don’t look that bad. Nothing obvious, shouting out for attention. But sometimes those are the hardest types of code reviews. We have to be slow and meticulous to find the smaller, but still potentially lethal problems. The tiny plastic straw that when combined with a number of other things over time, has the potential to create a huge amount of long-term damage. The attention to detail required for these types of projects isn’t always recognised or appreciated, but it’s essential when trying to ensure lasting quality.

We were also reminded by local business owners, that beach cleans aren’t only needed when there is a big storm. The only way to keep our local beaches looking pristine is to do it regularly. Like regression testing, it’s always worth spending the time giving things a good check over, picking up the rubbish before it turns into a crisis scenario.

At the end of our hour session of sea air, sun, and walking; we all felt rejuvenated and refreshed.  Sometimes a good clean can make all the difference.

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