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Why (and how) we invest in growing a team of quality embedded engineers.

Last week marked the end of the third annual Agile Summer School held at our offices. The 2-week course, supported by Software Cornwall, runs each year and is free for anyone with a passion for programming and a desire to elevate their career in the software industry.

It’s a fantastic way to provide budding talent (both young and old!) with knowledge and commercial experience of software development, as well as give us a platform to nurture potential future recruits and “up-skill” those interested in working with us.

Summer school

But as we have mentioned before, finding talent in this industry is difficult and costly. Recruitment agencies aren’t cheap, and they don’t have time to carefully select individuals who are not only skilled and experienced, but who will also be the right fit for our company culture and our focus on quality.

Employing people with the right traits means that we can foster a company culture where our engineers enjoy coming to work each day because they want to learn and be challenged within a group of like-minded people, and most of all they want to create exceptional software.

Hosting the Summer School each year, as well as being involved with coding clubs, career talks and workshops, has helped us find some fantastic young software enthusiasts who have gone on to work with us.

“I met Matthew (Team Lead at Bluefruit) at a careers day in college and asked about any programming learning experiences in the area. He recommended the Summer School so I brushed up on my C++ and attended a week or two later. My willingness and ability to learn must have impressed someone because I soon after got offered a job as a junior developer!” – Ashlei, Jr. Developer at Bluefruit

Summer School 2016

Yes, these activities take time, effort and monetary investment to make them successful, but overall we believe they are key to finding people who not only have the skills and knowledge to work with us, but who have an interest in learning, an eye for detail, and a deeper understanding of why quality is so important.

Our engineers aren’t the type of people who countdown each minute until they get to go home, or who will do the minimum amount of work possible to simply an “acceptable” standard. These guys and girls love what they do, and are always striving to learn more and be better.

By using our courses and careers events to show young people that there is an art to software development, and that continuously learning about new processes and technologies is exciting, we attract people with passion and enthusiasm – and that is exactly who we want.

Our engineers are the ones behind the quality software in our projects, and they are key to our entire business strategy that focuses on quality for our clients. It’s so important that we invest in nurturing, employing, training and retaining them because their passion and enthusiasm filters throughout all areas of the company.

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