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We are excited to announce that we have completed the Illumina Connected Analytics (ICA) training and are now official ICA implementation partners of Illumina.

ICA is an integrated bioinformatics solution providing a cloud-based data platform that enables customers to securely manage, analyse, and explore large volumes of multi-omic data. Through ICA, technical end users like bioinformaticians or Bluefruit software developers “can build solutions to process, analyse, and gain insights on genomic data.” Our status as an official ICA partner qualifies us to build custom solutions using the ICA platform.

Working with Illumina clients, we can configure the interface to the data, creating a custom pipeline to meet their needs. These customisations might include adding branding, custom pages and functionality, specific data displays, and aggregating data.

Clients can use ICA-powered solutions to identify patterns and variations in genomic information. For example, identification of somatic mutations in cancer samples or hereditary genetic analysis.

“Bluefruit’s partnership journey began through a recommendation from colleagues which resulted in activities to understand Bluefruit’s expertise and how it can complement ICA’s product offering. Once brought into the program, Bluefruit participated in a hands-on technical bootcamp to dive into ICA’s features and functionality, gaining experience and exposure to ICA as well as interacting with Illumina training teams.”
Pat Moriarty, Partner Enablement, Illumina

Illumina is a global leader in sequencing and array-based technologies, offering hardware and software solutions technologies to produce, access and analyse genomic data.

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