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Optimal performance in any sector of engineering is one of mankind’s continual endeavours, and that makes us very proud to announce our collaboration with high performance engineering specialists, Cosworth.

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Having worked with Aston Martin, Chevrolet, Jaguar Land Rover, Lotus and Porsche, they absolutely know what they’re talking about and can certainly produce the goods when it comes to professional, precise design.

We are working with Cosworth as an external resource to assist in a ‘proof-of-concept’ opportunity. Cosworth chose Bluefruit knowing that we could be trusted to deliver quality, successful projects that meet a company such as Cosworth’s high expectations.

As Cosworth have experience of Agile-influenced approaches to working, we have found that our teams work together seamlessly; and with so much emergent knowledge within the sector, this development method works a treat.

The continuous use of of cutting-edge technology has put Cosworth into pole position of their industry, and at Bluefruit we’re excited to be a part of what keeps them there.

Want to find out how the project went?

Read our Cosworth case study.

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