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10 Great Reasons to Choose Us for Your Embedded Software Outsourcing

Finding a good outsourcing company is hard in any industry, but when the outsourced service is such an important element of your company’s product, it can be particularly difficult to choose a company you know you can trust.
Embedded software is the technology that gives your electronic device life, and is one of the most prevalent touchpoints of your brand for the customers who interact with it. If the quality of the embedded software within your device isn’t up to scratch, this can impact your company’s entire brand.
This is why it’s so important to choose an outsourcing company you can trust to deliver quality software that will do your device justice and elevate how your customers view your brand. Here’s why we might be that company:

Quality is built in

We’ve talked about what we mean by software quality before, and why ‘Quality First’ is one of our core business strategies. Working with safety critical devices in the Medical, Automotive and Military markets means we have a responsibility to make sure our software never fails, and that the end users are confident in our customer’s product.
We have rigorous testing methods (outlined below) built in to our development process, with dedicated test engineers whose purpose is to try and ‘break’ the software, so that with enough feedback loops, the software becomes ‘unbreakable’.
Our engineers each receive weekly in-house training sessions, as well as regular opportunities to attend specialist courses and conferences (such as Agile on the Beach). We also host industry experts to come in and spend time training our teams in the most cutting edge methods and technologies, so we know we’re always at the forefront of new techniques!

Working software every 2 weeks

As part of our Agile philosophy, we don’t believe in taking long specifications from our clients and delivering the software 6 months later without any input or feedback along the way.
We work in 2 week ‘sprints’, whereby at the end of each period we send our customers a working release of software for them to test themselves and feedback on. This is a way of having regular check-ins with our clients’ needs, and makes us flexible to accommodate changes throughout the project.
Receiving working software early on provides a fantastic opportunity for our clients to see a ‘proof of concept’, which can be used to demonstrate to other company departments, investors, or even potential users as market research.
Testing methods at Bluefruit

Rigorous testing methods

As mentioned above, we have dedicated test engineers as part of the team, who together with the developers go through 3 layers of testing with every release. These layers include:
– Unit tests
– Automated acceptance tests
– Manual testing
These tests form part of our Test Driven Development (TDD) and Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) methods, which are a key element of our Quality strategy.

We are a scalable resource

We have 3, mixed-discipline teams of 6 – 10 engineers who have worked on a range of projects and have an incredible amount of experience between them. We’ve talked before about outsourcing vs building an in-house team, but the key issue is that it is actually very difficult to build a skilled, functioning development team in a short amount of time.
So if you have peaks and troughs in your work, rather than try to quickly scale your own team, we can provide you with a team that is flexible and is able to grow as you grow, without any incurred recruitment and admin costs on your part.
The Bluefruit Team

Technical excellence and experience

Our teams have regular training in-house and externally, so are always at the forefront of new technologies and practices. As we’ve been working with companies in a range of sectors for over 15 years now, we’ve built up experience in many areas including:
– Automotive
– Aerospace
– Commercial/Internet of Things
– Industrial
– Medical/Scientific
– Military
As a result, our engineers are multi-skilled in a variety of disciplines too. Some of these abilities include:
– C, C++, C# and Assembly
– DO-178B and MISRA C projects
– Windows, Windows CE, Linux, Embedded Linux, Android, iOS, various RTOS, bare metal
– ARM, PIC, dsPIC, TUSB, FPGA, x86
…and many more! Take a look at our Skills page for an extensive list.

High calibre clients

Over the years we’ve worked with a number of large, blue-chip clients across multiple sectors, including:
Cosworth Electronics
– Airbus
– Allen & Heath
– Schneider Electric
– Invensys Controls
– Watson Marlow
Elga Labwater
– Veolia Water
Take a look at our Projects page to read about these projects in more detail.

We’re not asking for a big leap

We understand how important choosing an embedded outsourcing company is for your product and brand, so rather than expect our customers to leap straight into a large project with us, we have a number of obligation-free ‘mini services’ that you can try to test us out:
• Illumination (Software Quality Assessment)
This is a quality review of an existing project, and a great starting point for legacy projects. We can provide an abbreviated version of this service for free.
Illustration (Proof of Concept)
This is a rapid prototyping service where we can provide a proof-of-concept within days or weeks. This can include a hardware prototype too.
Inception (Software Feasibility Study)
We look not just at the project, but also the processes, and describe how Bluefruit would deliver your project. We provide this service for free.
Investigation (Software Diagnosis)
In this services we can facilitate the solving of tough engineering problems which are impeding your project delivery.
We hope this gives you some insight into how Bluefruit could help your organisation with embedded software outsourcing on your projects. If you have any further questions, or would like to book a conference call with us to discuss your project, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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