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If you’re practising Agile methodologies in your company, you probably value the importance of Post-It notes!

So yes, you heard right; we’ve actually put together a list of our best ‘Post-It Note Tips’ for your Agile project management. Don’t laugh – this is serious business!
As a little bit of context, here’s a list of ways we use Post-Its in the Bluefruit offices:

  • Kanban boards
  • User journey mapping
  • Innovation games (eg. Empathy Mapping)

Agile Post-It notes
1. Always buy Super Sticky
This is possibly the most important tip. If you have ever experienced the annoyance of flaky Post-Its floating away without warning, you’ll understand the costs/benefits of the Super Sticky variety.
2. Purchase in bulk
You know you’re going to need them, so save some money and buy in bulk!
3. Get all the colours!
There’s nothing more dull than a wall of yellow Post-Its. Get a variety of colours and use them to colour code for different people or categories of tasks.
4. Use Sharpies/Permanent Markers to write on your Post-Its
It can be tempting to write a short story on your Post-It, which really negates the purpose. To stop yourself from getting carried away, use chunky permanent markers and keep it snappy.
5. Peel your Post-Its properly!
Yes, there is a right and a wrong way to peel Post-Its. No one wants them to go annoying and curly, so learn the proper way:

6. Take photos of your Post-It projects
Even Super Sticky Post-Its can come unstuck, and pesky colleagues can always come along and destroy your hard work. Therefore, it’s important to take photos of your Post-It projects and brainstorms at the end of the day just in case…
Agile post-its

^ The result of improper peeling technique…


Have fun peeling Post-its!