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This time of year, we are busy planning our annual Christmas party. The recent cold weather has made us reminisce about warm Cornish summer days when one of our favourite conferences takes place: Agile on the Beach. More than 400 attendees joined the conference in Falmouth, which stretched over two days. It covered talks on five different themes from software development (including coding, testing, delivery techniques, and tools) to agility in business.

Paul Massey, Bluefruit’s founder, was one of 40 other inspiring speakers. He shared his experience in working the agile way during his panel “Estimates and Contracts”. We really enjoyed his talk focusing on how to estimate effectively and how to use the estimates to ensure projects meet deadlines. Sounds interesting? Great! Here is his full-length video: 

To check out what’s happening with Agile on the Beach and when new tickets are available, keep an eye on the Agile on the Beach website.

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