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One of our latest recruits, Andreas Karg, travelled 1200km across Europe on his motorbike to join us here at Bluefruit. He describes the best moments of the journey.

Born in Munich, Andreas (Andi) grew up in a small town in Germany surrounded by nature and views of the Alps. Spending much of his childhood years exploring the wilderness, Andi developed a taste for adventure.

Ebie the motorbike and a beautiful view
As well as his love of the outdoors, Andi also has a passion for computer games and tinkering with electronics, and after studying Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Munich for several years, he graduated in July 2014.

With a degree and two jobs worth of experience in the software industry under his belt, he decided to pursue his career in England, and set about looking for a company that would best match his personality and lifestyle.

Making a choice

Bluefruit ticked all the boxes for him. We have less than 50 employees, meaning everyone knows everyone else, and we have a friendly, supportive atmosphere. Also being based in rural Cornwall means we have some of the country’s most beautiful countryside and beaches right on our doorstep; perfect for Andi’s explorative nature.

And so, he turned down another offer for a job in Munich, waved goodbye to everyone in his hometown, and saddled Ebie, his trusty red motorbike, to begin an incredible journey over to England.

Starting his trip in Cologne, Andi travelled 1200km by motorbike, via Dover, Folkestone, Bournemouth and Dartmoor, to join us here in Redruth, Cornwall. It took 4 days in total, and (amazingly!) he was met with the only smallest amount of drizzle.

Ebie the motorbike
“The view of the white cliffs of Dover at sunset was a breath-taking welcome into England, but the best moment was when I took a break in a meadow clearing in the middle of the New Forest National Park, with no other vehicle or person in sight.

A wild cow and her calf appeared out of the forest and walked past me before vanishing into the forest again. Where did they come from? Where were they going? I don’t know, and I don’t know whether they did either. They had each other and a whole national park to roam free in; just like Ebie and me.

Making the journey to Cornwall was the best decision I’ve ever made. Working with the team of enthusiastic people at Bluefruit is incredibly fun, and definitely worth the journey!” – Andreas Karg, Software Developer at Bluefruit Software

Andreas Karg

 Want to work in a company that’s worth travelling across Europe for? Come and join us.

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