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Happy Birthday Bluefruit!
Today we are celebrating our Birthday. We are turning…17!!!! Time to celebrate and reminiscence – just one year away from 18 – and who knows what’s in store then – we’ll be an adult! In the meantime we’re celebrating 17 years of creating high quality embedded software the Agile way. Here are our 17 reasons why we’re so excited to reach this age:
1. According to the 2016 Tech Nation report, Cornwall is
Britain’s new Silicon Valley – we’re working right in the heart of Kernowfornia!

2. We are one of those lucky companies who have yoga classes (and lasertag!!!) during lunchbreak.

3. As technology and the software industry are constantly changing and developing, so is Bluefruit! We’re continually welcoming new partners and there is never a dull moment in the office…
4. In the past 3 years we had roughly 150 3 Amigos meetings with our clients

5. Bluefruit is a great place to step into an apprenticeship, a few young people finished our program already with great success – of course we brought most of them on as employees

6. In 2017 we hired 7 new people – 5 of them are women. Bluefruit has now 40 team members.

7. Our team not only speaks Spanish, French, Cornish or German, we also speak C++, C#, C and many other “languages”

8. We also hired two new team members from California, improving our silicon coast reads. Totally awesome dude!

9. We had over 20,000 automated tests using TDD’s “test first” principle.

10. We’ve seen a huge increase in Medical Device clients, which has allowed our team to expand their expertise into a rapidly growing sector.

11. We generated over 2,000 software releases and over 5,000 code reviews!

12. 3 of our own passion projects currently in development, keeping skills sharp and teams happy.

13. Paul Massey, Founder of Bluefruit, named as one of Cornwall’s Top 10 Entrepreneurs! Yaaayyyy!

14. Our office has sea views AND mountain views! What an inspiration.

15. Anchors aweigh! Bluefruits software was even used in a collaboration with Cosworth on an America’s cup project in order to monitor the stresses and loads present within the carbon fibre structures of a yacht.

16. As part of Software Cornwall, Kernow’s collaborative group of technology based businesses, we hosted summer schools and huddles as well as work experiences for young people inhouse.

17. After 17 years of growth and success, we can’t wait for what’s in store for the next 17!

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