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Last Friday, the Bluefruit team took to the tracks at the Cornwall Karting circuit in St. Eval. 

Team day out - Go Karting!

After a long, hard week in the office, it was the perfect opportunity for the guys and gals to let off some steam. Together with some other members of Software Cornwall, a group of software companies based in the South West, the afternoon consisted of some rather attractive blue boiler-suits, the sound of screeching tires, and a dash of good-spirited comradery.

Team day out - Go Karting!

Everyone gave it their best shot, blurring past at the speed of light and pushing those tiny karts to their limits! But there could only be one winner, and Bluefruit Developer Ben Shingleton made record time and did us proud, taking home the esteemed title of ‘Karting King’!

We love making our company a fun place to work, and previous team activities have including paint-balling and beach barbecues too!
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