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After a few very busy months of hiring, we’re very excited to introduce you to SEVEN!!! new team members we have joining us in various roles across the company.

Caitlin Gould

Role: New Business Development Director

Caitlin is heading up the new Business Development team and has a varied background in marketing, sales, and business growth management across a number of sectors. Originally from California, when not at work Caitlin can be found practicing ninja moves with her sons on the beach or helping out with quality control and taste testing at her husband’s restaurant.

Annette Zander

Role: Client Development Coordinator

Crazy German kite surfer Annie is our new Client Development Coordinator with a strong background within the IT / Tech sector. When she is not spending all her spare time in the ocean, she enjoys yoga, hiking and funny cat videos. You might also find her cake sampling all around Cornwall.

Elizabeth Leavitt

Role: Marketing Coordinator

Elizabeth is our second team member to move from California to Kernowfornia. She is sharing her time as Marketing Coordinator for both Software Cornwall and Bluefruit. With a background in Digital Marketing she is very excited to contribute her knowledge and skills to these great Cornish businesses. When not at work she likes getting outside and loves running along the coast.

Jane Orme

Role: Software Developer

Jane, one of our new Software Developers, started programming at a young age. Later she did her computer science degree with a focus on game development and enjoys problem solving with a cup of tea (of course). In her spare time Jane is into creative craft hobbies and like many of us, she is a bit of a cake and chocolate addict.

Stephen Brokenshire

Role: Junior Software Developer

Stephen previously worked for a local charity before following his passion for programming. He is joining Bluefruit as a Junior Software Developer. In his free time he can be found programming, playing games or walking along coastal paths and beaches.

Heather Flockton

Role: Software Tester

Heather joins the team as a Software tester. She has had the pleasure of living in Cornwall for most of her life and spends her free time making things and cuddling animals. She lives with two cats and eight fish and is extremely skilled at keeping the peace in tense animal kingdom scenarios.

Lance Seecharran

Role: Software Tester

Lance is a Software Tester with a background in Computer Science, Digital Art & Tech. When he’s not looking for bugs and bothering Dev’s he often enjoys Music & Video Games.


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