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Written by Trudy Ward, Business Analyst

Let’s face it, not everyone is a football fan. Some of us aren’t even sure what shape the ball is. But it’s hard to ignore that the World Cup has now kicked off (…see what I did there?!), so here at Bluefruit we’ve been getting into the spirit with a staff sweepstake.

Our fab Tester Jack from Team Rocket (an actual football fan) organised the stakes, supplying us all with the standard of our chosen nation to encourage added loyalty! The Bluefruit office is now wonderfully international with our flags on show, creatively placed around the workspace.

As we are now a week into the tournament, and the teams are moving slowly through the group stages, the gentle competitiveness is building – with some (ahem, junior Dev Kris’ Russia…) doing better than others! Apprentice Jordan’s Egypt looks set to be the first knockout, unless Tester Heather’s Saudi Arabia can sneak something past my mighty Uruguay (which I had to learn how to spell…)!Will James’ Germany beat the odds? Can Jane’s Spain up their game to steal the status of favourites from Maf’s Brazil? Could Simon’s Argentina pull one out the bag? Or, against all odds, can Jay’s England end the years of hurt and bring football home?

Jack’s commentary on our #worldcup Slack channel is keeping us all engaged with proceedings for now but who knows if World Cup fever can hold us in its grasp for an entire month or if we will fall out of love as our teams are knocked out…

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