We work with clients to create world leading medical devices, reliable laboratory equipment and wearable tech that is rapidly changing the healthcare industry.

From blood and urine testers to point of care systems, cloud based platforms to precision water dispensers; Bluefruit’s reputation for delivering software solutions in quality critical environments has lead to an ever increasing amount of medical device, eHealth and wellness projects.

Our team of highly skilled engineers and testers have been working with clients on all stages of the product lifecycle. Projects range from proof of concept work for products in early development, through to late stage integration support and even consulting on code to help ensure medical standards approval. We understand the unique challenges and risks that come with working within the eHealth and medical device space and as Lean Agile practitioners our behavior and test-driven development approaches ensure that the software we create is high quality, robust and safe. In addition to the performance of the software we create, our quality assurances also include working with clients to meet FDA and international medical device standards including IEC 62304.

Interested in how Bluefruit can engineer your next medical device? Please get in touch via our contact form or give us a call. We’re always happy to have a chat.

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