Software Summer School #1 - Bluefruit Software

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At Bluefruit we understand that to get excellent programmers, you need to start them early – from little acorns grow mighty oaks!
We’re believe that to get the full potential from future developers, they have to be nurtured from the start, and showed that coding is fun!
Minecraft, yourcraft, ourcraft
In the first of our ‘Summer Schools’ this weekend we let 11-16 year olds loose in dBs Camborne to learn some basic coding and how to ‘hack’ everyone’s favourite land of blocks and buddies – Minecraft!
Using Raspberry Pi computers in workshops and an interactive tour, the half-pint hackers beat conventional gaming by learning how to generate infinite houses, castles and tips on creating top-end skyscrapers and down-low dungeons to enhance their pixelated adventures.
Tinker, tailer, soldier, major coding player 
As well as educating the next generation of cyberlords in Minecraft, we’re going to be visiting local schools to talk about ‘Careers in Coding’ to inspire and educate students on what’s possible in the world of software (keep this between you and me, but we’ve heard this computer business is going to take off!).
Software Summer 
Some other great news for kids into the finer aspects of computing is that Cornwall College Business will be offering ‘Coding Clubs’ as of June; make yours a summer of software!
Please contact Nikki Stevens at DBS Music for more information.