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Sun, sea and software

As the holiday-makers depart from a bank holiday weekend soaking up the delights of the Cornish Riviera, so arrives this week another welcome form of visitor, to explore and take in the culture of what it means to be truly Agile, all the while sipping on a heady cocktail of creative and technical thinking delivered in the form of presentations, talks and informal networking. Yes it’s time again for the annual two day business and technology conference that is Agile on the Beach.

Held at the Performance Centre at Tremough Campus in Penryn, Cornwall, we will see a gathering of 350 business and software professionals to talk everything Agile.

Bluefruit gave two presentations at last year’s event to great success “Archipelagos in Git” by our Team Lead Matthew Dodkins and “Quality, what is it, and how do we get there” by our Managing Director Paul Massey.

This year we are offering two further talks to the menu:

“How we implemented TDD in embedded C/C++”

By our Head of Development Byran Wills-Heath.

Short synopsis: We’ve been developing embedded software using TDD since 2009. This talk presents some of the patterns and practices that help us deal with the extra complications incurred when practising TDD in an embedded environment.

Paul will again be delivering a talk, this time…

“Case Study: Seven years in Agile”

By Paul Massey, Director Bluefruit Software

Short synopsis: Bluefruit Software adopted Agile seven years ago. Come and hear about the journey and some of the key lessons learnt along the way, including why Agile was adopted, how the transition occurred, top practices that made the biggest difference, how Agile affected our customer relationships and what the benefits have been.

We’re all really looking forward to this year’s Agile on the Beach, 2016 should be another vintage year.