Monday Motivation: It’s the little things that count.

Over the past week there has been a large amount of news coverage on the huge amount of plastics washed up on Cornish beaches. Inspired, a few members of the Bluefruit team decided it would be fun to do a beach clean over lunch. We rallied the troops and made the 10 minute drive down to Portreath only to find a very clean looking beach.

Paul Massey talks about “Estimates & Contracts”

This time of year, we are busy planning our annual Christmas party. The recent cold weather has made us reminisce about warm Cornish summer days when one of our favourite conferences takes place: Agile on the Beach! More than 400 attendees joined the conference in Falmouth, which stretched over 2 days. It covered talks on 5 different themes from software development (including coding, testing, delivery techniques, and tools) to agility in business.

Code Smells: Improving a sense of smell in low level debugging

Code Smells...But what is exactly a code smell? Most developers are good at scrutinising code to look for bugs and errors – does the code do what it is supposed to do? Code smells are indicators about parts of the code which are not habitable – is the code readable, easily understandable and extendable, and maintainable?

Quality in Embedded Software – How Do We Achieve It?

In our previous blog post we talked about why high quality software is so critical to Bluefruit and that it is at the heart of everything we do. This week we'd like to speak about HOW we achieve quality in our projects. Hint: it's all to do with good communication, testing, and more testing!