Careers at Bluefruit

At Bluefruit we do things differently, we’re not just about targets and timetables.

Our people are the lifeblood of our company and we like to treat them as such! Everyone who works at Bluefruit has freedom, flexibility, and autonomy in their work and are encouraged to create an environment that suits them. We now have over 50 software and test engineers and our people come from all backgrounds, with a wide range of hobbies, interests, and a variety of previous work experiences. We have seasoned coders with over 10 years in the embedded space and newbies who have started their software development or testing careers at Bluefruit. Across all of our roles, we pride ourselves on working with our people to encourage and support them. We provide training, pairing, and personal development opportunities across all teams to allow everyone explore their full potential and continue to grow within their role.

Where possible we also look to promote within the company, giving people who work for us a chance to grow and develop within Bluefruit. We are always on the look out for fresh faces who share our values and ethos to join our team. In addition to senior developer roles, we also have a number of entry level roles available and would encourage anyone who is interested in working in software to get in touch. As passionate advocates for diversity in tech and disability confident employers, we encourage anyone and everyone who is interested in a role with us to apply. Why not take a little time to get to know us, and find out what makes Bluefruit a fantastic place to work!  

Featured Vacancy

Senior Software Engineer

The Senior Software Engineer job at Bluefruit is all about coding, with a strong focus on continued development and training. We are a lean-agile software company and believe in regular feedback loops and a strong understanding of the client requirements. We use a wide variety of constantly evolving processes to ensure that projects run smoothly and efficiently, this includes using TDD and BDD to write code that won’t come back later to bite you.

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“Bluefruit is run by humans, in a human way. This makes you want to come in each day and do your best.”

Simon, Software Tester

“There's a diverse range of people working here – from dancers, musicians and kayakers, to chefs, teachers, jewellery makers and (former) truck drivers!”

Aditya, Software Developer

“The best thing about working at Bluefruit is the supportive environment. People are always willing to help each other!"

Judith, Software Tester